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Heavy Waiter Study Reveals Missing Piece in Mindless Eating Research

By Marsha Hudnall MS, RDN, CD

A recent study from the renowned Cornell mindless eating research lab suggests people of all sizes order more food when they’re served by larger-bodied waiters The study found people “who ordered their dinner from heavier wait staff are four times more likely to order dessert, and ordered 17% more alcohol”.  The researchers attributed this effect to the size of the […] Read more »

Heavy Waiter Study

Redefining Healthy Eating: It’s Not What You Think

By Dana Notte, MS, RD, CD

This post is part of Healthy Weight Week. This week is meant to help change the conversation around weight during the third week in January. That’s when New Year diets, cleanses, and “new you” efforts start to fall by the wayside because they’re, well, impossible to sustain. Join us all week for a look at how you can put the […] Read more »

Redefining Healthy Eating: It's Not What You Think

Healthy Weight Week 2016 Starts Monday – Get Involved!

By Taylor Downs

There’s something magical about the third week in January and – if you’ve been following us, you guessed it – it’s Healthy Weight Week! About Healthy Weight Week Healthy Weight Week was developed 23 years ago by healthy weight pioneer Francie Berg. Its aim is to help change the conversation around weight, a mission we are passionate about shifting. That’s […] Read more »

Healthy Weight Week 2016

Let’s Rethink That Diet: The Slim Chance Awards 2015 Winners

By Taylor Downs

New Year’s Resolutions give us goals to work toward during the year, whether they are related to personal growth, work aspirations, or – more commonly – health & weight loss ideals. We find ourselves starting each year hoping we can finally attain our “best” weight, size, fitness level, etc. But, of course, you know at least one-third of us abandon […] Read more »

Worst diets of 2015

Easy Crockpot Cooking for a Busy Holiday Schedule

By Patrick Gobeille

There’s so much going on during the holidays that many find it impossible to find time to cook for themselves and their families. But there are easy ways to make meals that are healthful and delicious. Look no further than a crockpot to easily cook roasts, soups or stews. Benefits of crockpot cooking include that you can assemble the recipe in […] Read more »

Easy Crockpot Cooking - 600x600