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Defining Healthy Weight: What It Isn’t and What It Is

By Marsha Hudnall MS, RDN, CD

Welcome to Healthy Weight Week 2016! This week is meant to help change the conversation around weight during the third week in January. That’s when New Year diets, cleanses, and “new you” efforts start to fall by the wayside because they’re, well, impossible to sustain. Join us all week for a look at how you can put the fundamental elements […] Read more »

Defining Healthy Weight

Healthy Weight Week 2016 Starts Monday – Get Involved!

By Taylor Downs

There’s something magical about the third week in January and – if you’ve been following us, you guessed it – it’s Healthy Weight Week! About Healthy Weight Week Healthy Weight Week was developed 23 years ago by healthy weight pioneer Francie Berg. Its aim is to help change the conversation around weight, a mission we are passionate about shifting. That’s […] Read more »

Healthy Weight Week 2016

The Binge Eating Diaries: Work, Food, and Unnecessary Commentary

By Jacki Monaco

I’m so sick of being the bigger person sometimes (and no, that’s not a knock on my physique!). I’m always soooo concerned with how my words or actions might make someone else feel. But what about my feelings? It’s as if I’m constantly raising my hand, volunteering to lay down, with a sign taped to my back that says, “Come […] Read more »

Work, Food & Unnecessary Commentary