A Twist on Thanksgiving Leftovers

By Lisa Christie

In the midst of yesterday’s holiday of feasting, one thing was for certain: there would be an aftermath. And in this case, we’re not referring to the morning-after negative self-talk that may occur following “too much” enjoying. We’re talking about leftovers that need to be used ASAP. If you want some creative ideas for leftovers other than your favorite turkey sandwich (and […] Read more »


Fitness Friday: Embarrassing Fitness Stories

By Lisa Christie

One goal of our program is to help participants see that fitness can be fun by trying all kinds of activities – hooping, swimming, hiking, dance, you name it. But, did you know fitness can also be funny? Today, we’re sharing our most embarrassing and funny fitness stories for your amusement, starting with one of my very own. This summer, […] Read more »


Guest Post: Weight Loss Assumptions

By Jill Carlson

Green Mountain has invited me to share one of my blog posts with you today about the assumptions people make about weight loss and dieting.  My colleague complimented me about how much weight I had lost. She remarked, “You must be working so hard!” Yes, but no. But, yes. I’m wondering if by hard work she means…. Exercising compulsively while […] Read more »


Affirmations: Make Them Your Own

By Darla Breckenridge

Negative self talk is often out of our awareness and we don’t realize the impact it can have on mood. Affirmations are a great tool to help you decrease negative self talk or binge thinking about your body, food or your weight. Thoughts influence feelings. And the more frequent and negative our unconscious or conscious negative self talk is the […] Read more »

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