‘Positive Self Talk’

A Gentle Mindset to Fitness Resolutions in the New Year

By Lori Wright, CPT

“Honor the Body You Have Today” is one of my favorite sayings you’ll hear in my fitness classes here at Green Mountain at Fox Run. Today’s media often conveys “no pain, no gain” messages to keep pushing yourself further and further physically during your workout. Instead, I like to remind our program participants that many factors can affect your workout. […] Read more »

Exercise Resolutions in the New Year-600x600

Paradigm Shift: A New Perspective on New Year’s Resolutions

By Kari Anderson, DBH, LCMHC, CEDS

I love new starts… Mondays, the first of every Month, Birthdays and, of course, New Years – they all bring the hope of a better self, out with the old and in with the new. There’s nothing inherently wrong with new starts, I’m in the business of helping people change and begin again…that’s called HOPE. The downside with focusing on […] Read more »

New Year's Resolutions that Won't Fail You

For Me, Getting Sick Around the Holidays Isn’t a Coincidence

By Beth Turchi

I’m lying in bed with low-grade fever and high-grade diarrhea. Montezuma’s revenge coupled with the aches and pains of fever. It’s my annual malaise that I can count on like clockwork. Every year, at Christmastime, I get sick. Usually I make it until the week before Christmas and then I collapse with some pestilence that sends me right to bed […] Read more »


The Binge Eating Diaries: Thanksgiving Is NOT The Last Supper!

By Jacki Monaco

The Big Event The tall bouquet of red, orange, and yellow flowers may be the centerpiece of the table, but we all know that Thanksgiving’s main event is 16 courses of yum… that, for some of us, is served with a side of fear. During the years when I have company for Thanksgiving, I find myself getting a familiar feeling […] Read more »