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Announcing Our 2016 Weekend Retreats

By Taylor Downs

We get it – so many women can benefit from our program, but simply can’t attend due to time limitations, family obligations, financial restrictions, work responsibilities… and so on. So when we first decided to begin hosting special weekend intensive programs, we knew there’d be interest – but we had no idea how much! Over the last year, we’ve learned […] Read more »

Announcing our 2016 Weekend Retreats

Let’s Rethink That Diet: The Slim Chance Awards 2015 Winners

By Taylor Downs

New Year’s Resolutions give us goals to work toward during the year, whether they are related to personal growth, work aspirations, or – more commonly – health & weight loss ideals. We find ourselves starting each year hoping we can finally attain our “best” weight, size, fitness level, etc. But, of course, you know at least one-third of us abandon […] Read more »

Worst diets of 2015

A Gentle Mindset to Fitness Resolutions in the New Year

By Lori Wright, CPT

“Honor the Body You Have Today” is one of my favorite sayings you’ll hear in my fitness classes here at Green Mountain at Fox Run. Today’s media often conveys “no pain, no gain” messages to keep pushing yourself further and further physically during your workout. Instead, I like to remind our program participants that many factors can affect your workout. […] Read more »

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Paradigm Shift: A New Perspective on New Year’s Resolutions

By Kari Anderson, DBH, LCMHC, CEDS

I love new starts… Mondays, the first of every Month, Birthdays and, of course, New Years – they all bring the hope of a better self, out with the old and in with the new. There’s nothing inherently wrong with new starts, I’m in the business of helping people change and begin again…that’s called HOPE. The downside with focusing on […] Read more »

New Year's Resolutions that Won't Fail You

Cultivating Self-Compassion for Optimal Well-Being

By Carolyn Whitney, PhD

Self-care and self-compassion are essential to living a life of positivity, health, and well-being. Yet for many of us, the practice of caring compassionately for ourselves (or finding time in our day for self-care practices) is somewhat elusive if not completely absent. For those among us who don’t hear that inner voice of self-compassion or who don’t have practices of […] Read more »

Cultivating Self-Compassion