‘Emotional Health’

5 Reasons Binge & Emotional Eating Needs Specialized Care

By Kari Anderson, DBH, LCMHC, CEDS

Having just attended the Binge Eating Disorder Association conference, I am even more passionate about the opening of Green Mountain at Fox Run’s Women’s Center for Binge and Emotional Eating. Surprisingly, we are the ONLY center specializing in the treatment of women who struggle with binge and emotional eating in the country. Binge eating disorder (BED) is the most common […] Read more »


5-Minute Meditations: Guided Loving-Kindness Meditation

By Shiri Macri, MA, LCMHC

Shiri guides you through a variation of this classic meditation to help you send thoughts and feelings of loving kindness – both to those you easily feel it towards, and those you may not – to aid you in finding gratitude in your life today. Before You Begin You may wish to practice this in the morning, on your lunch break, […] Read more »


The Binge Eating Diaries: Have You Thanked Your Body Lately?

By Jacki Monaco

Doesn’t it feel awesome to know that you’re appreciated? I make it a point to say thank you and show my gratitude for even the most miniscule things. I want other people to know that I see them, hear them, and treasure them completely. But I’m not always sure that I mean what I say. Sometimes, I think that my […] Read more »