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Q&A: Making Peace with Food and Eating

By Guest Blogger on 03/15/2013

Yesterday, we reposted an article about women who make peace with eating and food by Lisa Claudia Briggs. In Lisa’s practice, she sees two eating styles that women take on when they get to a better place with food and their bodies: those who treasure simplicity and practicality, and those who evolve into so-called foodies. Today we are discussing the […] Read more »


Two Styles of Making Peace with Food and Eating

By Guest Blogger on 03/14/2013

Today’s post is by Lisa Claudia Briggs, psycho-spiritual therapist, an intuitive wise woman, and devoted mentor who helps others release all sorts of things that weigh them down. Stay tuned tomorrow for a Q&A with Lisa. The women I work with around losing weight, changing the way they eat and learning to honor and love their bodies in reliable daily […] Read more »


Creating Space to Move from Reaction to Response

By Darla Breckenridge on 03/04/2013

Have you ever noticed that sometimes you just keep hanging in a situation that is uncomfortable? Sometimes as women we don’t feel we are permitted to step away from a difficult situation, e.g., criticism at work, an argument at home, or an upsetting political discussion. And a lot of times, using food to cope when that uncomfortable situation happens. But […] Read more »


Mindfully Eating Chocolate: You Can Do It!

By Marsha Hudnall on 02/15/2013

This is a version of a post I first put up over on We Are the Real Deal, a blog that is winning all kinds of awards for its great work in helping women and girls cultivate self-esteem, positive body image, and healthy coping. We’re proud to be a part of it with monthly posts that add to the blog’s […] Read more »


Fashion Friday: Inspirational Jewelry for Exercise Motivation!

By Lisa Christie on 01/04/2013

Fitspiration: Wearable Motivation One of my friends tattooed her wrist with the letters M-O-V-E. What a great idea, I thought! Body art as fitness inspiration and exercise motivation! But for those of us less bold or afraid of needles, I think inspirational jewelry can serve as a continuous reminder to take care of ourselves in the New Year, too. I […] Read more »

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