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Fitness and Health: The Driving Muscle

By meredith beckman on 12/02/2008

Yes. There is a muscle on the front of your lower leg. Chances are your right tibialis anterior is much stronger, less tight, and better developed than the left. Why? Because that pedal-to-the-metal action is a perfect strengthening exercise for the lovely muscle. Aside from driving, strengthening this muscle can result in greater ankle stability, a lesser chance of developing shin […] Read more »

Fitness and Health: Beat the Boredom!

By meredith beckman on 11/28/2008

With the snow and ice outside, my cardio routines have been getting a bit boring…for both mind and body. When my options are limited, I tend to slip into the mentality of “putting in my time” in terms of getting a workout every day…and that certainly eliminates chances of a more intense workout happening. But there are some simple ways to […] Read more »

Fitness: Oh, the Weather Outside is Frightful!

By meredith beckman on 11/25/2008

I woke up this morning to beautiful, freshly fallen snow…and ice underneath…and freezing temperatures. It's easy to let less than desirable weather become an excuse to stay indoors and skip that daily walk. But giving up a healthy lifestyle doesn't have to be the only answer when the rain is pouring or the snow is swirling. On days like today, I like […] Read more »

Fitness: A Case of the Fridays

By meredith beckman on 11/21/2008

You’ve heard of having a ‘case of the Mondays,’ right? Well, I find I’m more likely to fall under the influence of Friday rather than Monday. On the first day of the weekend, the last thing I want to do is pencil a workout into my last-day-of-the-week schedule. Because everyone suffers at one time or another from lack of motivation […] Read more »

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