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It Happened This Week: Michelle Obama, Worst Salads, How Obesity Isn’t Just About Willpower, and Healthy Affirmations

By Mary on 10/16/2009

First Lady Michelle Obama is crusading for healthy living through healthy eating and exercise.  In a speech on Tuesday she admitted feeding her family fast food (hey, she’s human!) but modified their diet and exercise habits after a wake up call from her physician.  She now plants her own vegetables for the family to eat along with more fruits and […] Read more »

Emotional Eating: Asking The Scary Questions

By Mary on 10/14/2009

Emotional eating is a hard habit to examine and change.  Many of us who struggle with it have developed the behavior for just that reason: we don’t want to examine anything.  We do it to cope with things we don’t want to think or feel.  Coping with the ‘real problems’ in our lives sometimes seems too overwhelming; so  distracting ourselves with […] Read more »

Eating Out: I Can Do It!

By Mary on 10/07/2009

This past weekend I spent the weekend away from Green Mountain visiting friends in Massachusetts. Being away for the weekend in that situation inevitably meant I had to eat most my meals at restaurants. After relying on my properly portioned meals and snacks at Green Mountain for a month this experience was a bit of a shock.  As you might […] Read more »

Fruit was a great choice!

It Happened This Week: Counterclockwise, Positive Body Image in Children, Beauty Foods, and More Vitamin D

By Mary on 10/02/2009

Crabby McSlacker met Harvard social psychologist, Ellen Langer, who wrote the ground-breaking book Mindfulness, as well as a new book, called Counterclockwise.  Langer’s research on mindfulness and the “psychology of possibility” led her to believe we can use the power of the mind to do things like improve our health and reverse the physical affects of aging.  The cranky, not-particularly-optimistic […] Read more »

Counterclockwise by Ellen Langer
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