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The Mindful Eating Experiment

By Mary on 11/04/2009

I’ve done something I shouldn’t have done.  Something I never thought I would have done while I was here. What did I do? I ate without being mindful. In fact I ate purposefully without thinking about my food.  In a way it was a mindful thing to do because I gave myself permission to eat without thinking and to eat […] Read more »


It Happened This Week: Food Safety Tips, Halloween Candy, Healthy Halloween Alternatives and Recipes

By Mary on 10/30/2009

This weekend clocks change and candy comes home!  It’s Halloween weekend! First, some helpful Halloween food safety tips from the FDA for parents of trick-or-treaters. Diane wrote about how she made it through the holiday of candy and costumes while still losing weight.  Her secret?  Planning for a candy indulgence and then moving on because candy doesn’t control her, she […] Read more »

Halloween Candy

Self Acceptance Comes First

By Mary on 10/28/2009

This week Marsha began her guest contributing at We Are The Real Deal by writing a post asking the question “If I Don’t Like Me, Can I Take Care Of Me?”  In her post Marsha asked readers to imagine that after successfully adopting a healthy lifestyle, they found their weight remained the same.  How would they feel?  Would they be […] Read more »

It Happened This Week: Loving Our Bodies, Halloween Candy, and First Lady PLAYouts

By Mary on 10/23/2009

A new study, published in the September 2009 issue of the Journal of Health Psychology, shows that workout frequency can help improve body image.  The study claimed that the act of exercise – not necessarily to get in shape – boosts the exerciser’s body image.  The study also claimed that the more people exercised per week, regardless of how hard or […] Read more »


Stop The Fat Talk

By Mary on 10/21/2009

My favorite classes in this healthy weight loss program revolve around the issue of body image.  It’s a huge topic that holds great importance when one is trying to change and develop a healthy lifestyle.  You need to feel good enough about yourself to do the hard things that will make you healthier.  You need to feel good enough about […] Read more »

End Fat Talk
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