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The World’s Toughest Job

By Marsha Hudnall on 05/09/2014

Unlimited hours. No breaks. The most important job is also the world’s toughest job. Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers out there and those who mother! What’s your favorite quote about mothers or motherhood?


Should You Believe the Headlines?

By Marsha Hudnall on 05/01/2014

How to Make Sense of Health and Weight Loss Claims We’ve all been there before: Read This Related Article: Healthy Eating: Interpreting Food & Health-Related Scientific StudiesOne day, we read headlines that tell us that X is key to health and healthy weight loss and Y is the worst thing to do. Then it seems almost the next day, we […] Read more »

Body Image and Beauty Redefined

By Marsha Hudnall on 04/28/2014

Taking Back Beauty for Females Everywhere Today’s Q&A is with Lexie Kite, PhD, and Lindsay Kite, PhD, who founded the website Beauty Redefined, dedicated to taking back beauty for females everywhere by teaching them to rethink the ideas of “beautiful” and “healthy” they’ve learned from for-profit media that thrive off female insecurity. As a non-diet health retreat for women, Green […] Read more »


5 Tips to Jumpstart a Feel-Good Summer

By Marsha Hudnall on 04/25/2014

Focus on Feeling Good Instead of Losing Weight Next week marks the beginning of May. After the long, hard winter we’ve just been through in the US, thoughts of the impending summer are more than welcome. But with summer also comes thoughts of shorts, bathing suits and, all too often, how to jump start weight loss so that by the […] Read more »

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