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Healthy Cooking Thursday – Cheddar Chive Muffins

By Chef Lisa on 06/23/2011

This recipe was born when I felt like baking breakfast for my hubby. Problem is, he doesn’t like sweets first thing in the morning (remember my unconventional breakfasts post?), so I wanted to do something on the savory side. I considered the young chives striving in my garden and the amazing Grafton Cheddar (one of Vermont’s best cheeses) in my […] Read more »

Healthy Cooking Thursday – Our Green Mountain Spices

By Chef Lisa on 06/16/2011

Here at our healthy weight loss spa, herbs and spices abound in every dish. Not only do these seasonings provide flavor without additional fat and with minimal sodium and sweeteners, many spices and herbs also contain anti-inflammatory properties. Some of these nutritional all-stars include rosemary, ginger, tumeric, parsley, garlic, cloves, cumin, and basil. Now it’s even easier to put these […] Read more »

Healthy Cooking Thursday – Making Fruit Sexier

By Chef Lisa on 06/09/2011

As summertime arrives, the fruit selection in markets is improving. There’s a lot of inspiration for delicious treats in the produce section, but sometimes even a great variety of sweet fruit just isn’t enough for a meal-ending indulgence. However, there are a lot of quick and easy ways to enhance your fruit enjoyment. Here are a few tips from our […] Read more »

Healthy Cooking Thursday – Grow Your Herb Garden

By Chef Lisa on 06/02/2011

Memorial Day is the unofficial start of the gardening season in Vermont, so I thought I would dedicate this week’s post to the easiest edibles you could grow. After all, I don’t pretend to have a very green thumb, and even I haven’t killed too many herb plants! Why grow herbs? For one thing, herbs can be thrown into nearly […] Read more »

Healthy Cooking Thursday – Chickpea and Sausage Sauté

By Chef Lisa on 05/26/2011

Being a tree-hugging Vermont chef means that I like to get my food directly from local farmers whenever I can. Luckily the breakfast cook at our healthy weight loss spa, Millicent, has a wonderful farm tucked into the rolling hills where she raises laying and meat chickens, heirloom turkeys, dairy and meat cattle, and pigs. But when purchasing meat directly […] Read more »

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