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Healthy Living – Redefining Healthy Eating

By Gina V. on 04/10/2007

I’m not a fan of studies. You know exactly which ones I mean, they come out almost daily, usually with information that conflicts the prior day’s study, and always reported in a sound bite fashion that leaves the average person afraid to eat, breathe or sit in a rocking chair. Remember the one about not stretching before exercise, as it […] Read more »

Healthy Eating – Food is Food!

By Gina V. on 04/03/2007

The written word cannot express how vehemently I believe that food must be seen as nothing more than food – not a self-righteous choice, not good or bad, not fattening or slimming, not a political statement, just food! And no one’s opinions about food makes me crazier than the self-righteous, self-appointed food finger pointer, Morgan Spurlock, who was the creator […] Read more »

Healthy Size – Model Sanity

By Gina V. on 03/27/2007

The British show, "Make Me a Supermodel" has women competing for the top spot, which is decided by viewers. Miss Jen Hunter, the winner, was reduced to tears at times through out the show by the "judges," members of the fashion mafia that never met a starvation victim they didn’t want to photograph, as "too fat" with "stocky legs" and […] Read more »

The Model of Health

By Gina V. on 03/13/2007

"I can’t get the things I want. I can’t lead the lifestyle I want. I can’t be like I want, but I can control my body.’ There are people who think this way." So said Enrique Berbel, a psychologist who works with eating disorder patients in Spain about Spain’s new wealth and attitudes that are driving the fast increase in […] Read more »

Living Well with Diabetes

By Gina V. on 03/06/2007

Exciting news for people with type 2 diabetes that are using Byetta – Lilly announced this week that after first use, Byetta does not require refrigeration if kept under 77 degrees Fahrenheit. Byetta is a new class of diabetes drug, which is used in conjunction with Metformin. Although it is injected, it is not insulin – in fact, it was […] Read more »

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