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Healthy Recipe: Smoked Salmon and Roasted Red Pepper Dip

By Emily on 07/09/2009

I’ve just returned from the West coast of Scotland, where I visited a traditional smokehouse. At Inverawe Smokehouse, they slow-smoke salmon and trout straight from nearby Loch Etive. It’s a true pleasure to eat food that’s been lovingly and slowly prepared — hanging in a handcrafted brick smokebox for up to 48 hours — to ensure the perfect flavor. It’s […] Read more »


Plus-Sized Clothing With Flair

By Emily on 07/06/2009

The plus-sized clothing company Igigi contacted us recently and asked if we’d consider reviewing their clothing. So we called upon our friend Megan Loughmiller. A recent grad starting a new job, she needed to to find stylish yet practical clothing to add to her professional wardrobe. The company sent her one item of her choice from, which carries sizes […] Read more »


Healthy Recipe: Old Fashioned Blueberry Grunt

By Emily on 07/02/2009

It’s July at last and blueberries are here! Pick them wild and then wow your friends with this simple dessert. There appear to be many variations of this recipe, traditionally made with biscuits or dumplings. This one is courtesy of the Wild Blueberry Association of North America. I read somewhere that this dish gets its funny name because of the […] Read more »


In Quest for Health, Self-Acceptance Comes First

By Emily on 06/29/2009

Today’s post comes from Karen C.L. Anderson, who we met on Twitter. We started reading her blog (Why Weight: One Woman’s Journey From Struggle To Acceptance) and thought she was doing great work on self acceptance. Apparently, we’re not the only ones who think so — she’s currently writing a book with the same title. We hope that by having […] Read more »


Healthy Recipe: Juicy Lucy Turkey Burger

By Emily on 06/25/2009

Add some pizazz to your Fourth of July cookout. Today’s recipe is the  Juicy Lucy Turkey Burger, our version of the Minneapolis favorite Juicy Lucy burger.  With blue cheese at its center, it’s as delectable as it sounds! FYI, this recipe is featured as June’s Recipe of the Month on Green Mountain’s website.  That’s why we don’t list the actual […] Read more »

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