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It Happened This Week: Breakast Bonanza, Nudity and Margaritas

By Emily on 07/17/2009

Continuing our breakfast theme this week, from the archives we bring you “Headstands aren’t compatible with big breakfasts, or The 5,000-Year-Old Weight Loss Plan.” And the F-Word-Blog gives a rundown of breakfast foods through the ages. Apparently we can thank the Victorians for eggs Benedict. Marsha visits with MizFit for a guest post on food as physical and mental fuel. […] Read more »


Calorie-Restricted Diets, Aging and Quality of Life

By Emily on 07/14/2009

Back in 2006, The New York Times reported on a study that showed that monkeys who ate one third less calories than normal could extend their lifespan. The result of this study was recently reinforced by a newer study. “For age-related deaths caused by illnesses such as cardiovascular disease and cancer, the voracious eaters died at three times the rate […] Read more »

Carrot & Parsley

In Defense of Breakfast

By Emily on 07/13/2009

First thing in the morning, it’s all I can do to stumble to the coffee maker and press “brew.” Being someone who doesn’t cook much, making a hot breakfast, especially when I feel like a neanderthal, is a tall order. That’s why I’m a huge fan of instant oatmeal with chopped nuts and a few drops of maple syrup in […] Read more »


It Happened This Week: Full-Figured Fashion, Bogus BMI and Drop Dead Divas

By Emily on 07/10/2009

We’ve featured a few posts about plus-sized fashion this week. Last week marked the first-ever Full Figured Fashion Week (see models for the event posing on the left). The Daily Beast has interviews with the designers while The Frisky says: “Plus-Size Women Get Their Own Fashion Week, But Is That Enough?” Check out this healthy advice from the world’s top […] Read more »

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