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Green Mountain at Fox Run, our healthy weight loss and healthy living retreat for women only, was founded almost four decades ago by Thelma J. Wayler, RD, a woman with a pioneering vision of what it takes for women to reach healthy weights and stay there without obsessing over eating and exercise.

Over the years, we’ve worked with thousands of women who have come to understand that living well is more than a number on a scale, and whose lives have improved immeasurably as a result. The title of our blog, A Weight Lifted, reflects the freedom that women say they gain when they let go of the burden of diets and the diet mentality.

We welcome you to A Weight Lifted and hope that you will contribute your questions, thoughts, fears, successes and, yes, failures. This place is meant for you.

You can contact any of our bloggers at info@fitwoman.com.

Marsha-HMarsha Hudnall, MS, RD

In an effort to solve her own eating and weight struggles, Marsha took overachiever to a new level by obtaining her license as a registered dietitian and then a Master’s in nutrition and communication at Boston University. With pen, paper and computer in hand, Marsha became a published author and corporate consultant for several Fortune 500 food companies. When Marsha isn’t cooking up nutritious gourmet delights for her family, hiking or snowshoeing, she serves as online director for Green Mountain at Fox Run, which she owns along with her husband. Her self-described mission: Help women learn to enjoy eating and living well while achieving and maintaining healthy weights.

cindybishopcropCindy Bishop

Cindy turned in her dieting badge long ago. Now she doesn’t even own a scale. The value of getting healthy at any size is something that Cindy strives to share with women every day. Finding that ‘sweet spot’ where activity becomes an intrinsic joy rather than an agonizing ‘have to’ is a place she believes every woman can discover. Learning to eat what you want while respecting your intuitive appetite definitely takes some practice, but is worth every morsel. Cindy loves the outdoors and is an avid walker, hiker and loves to watch and play tennis and serves as the Managing Director for Green Mountain at Fox Run.

lcb blogLisa Claudia Briggs

Lisa has known for 30 years that any mention of the word “diet” can throw her eating into a spin. After finding relief from her own binge-eating days, she loves to show women what really makes the difference in helping them keep their promises to themselves. Lisa has created an integrated holistic style of healing weight and body issues that shows women how to take their needs seriously.  Learning to trust the body’s wisdom, connecting with the pleasure of our senses, and finding ways to live in present-time, are some the things Lisa enjoys writing about. She spends a half hour every morning on her pink yoga mat, also loves walking, cooking and gardening with her husband, and adores her two grown sons and small terriers.


robynRobyn Priebe, RD

As nutrition leader at Green Mountain, Robyn spends a great deal of time with women who are struggling to change their relationships with food. This subject isn’t foreign to Robyn as she has also fought her own battles with weight, body image and disordered eating. Having worked her way from anorexia to bulimia and now to a place where food is a joy rather than the enemy, Robyn loves helping the many women she meets start their journey towards normalizing their eating and making food only ONE part of their lives. When she’s not at Green Mountain Robyn spends much of her free time working on home renovations, playing with her many pets, cooking, sewing, playing piano, working on stained glass projects, attending concerts, and of course squeezing in time for exercise as well.

lisachristieLisa Christie

After an eye-opening and life-changing five-week stay as a participant at Green Mountain in 2011, Lisa jumped at the chance to move from Chicago to Ludlow to join the team in the role of public relations and marketing consultant. She blogs about personal trials and triumphs on her journey to health and her healthy weight, along with healthy lifestyle and fitness tips from the staff. She hopes that her experiences and learnings from working at Green Mountain may help other women who are mired in the diet mindset and looking for a better, more sustainable way to live.

jacki blogJacki Monaco

As a recovering binge eater who spent four weeks at Green Mountain in 2011, Jacki writes about her evolving relationships with food, her body and herself. One of her favorite phrases and a mantra she holds close has become “I eat to live, not live to eat.” During her stay at Green Mountain last year, Jacki became truly connected with her inner child and reacquainted with the concept of self-love. When Jacki isn’t trying to figure out what to do with life (in order to pay the bills), she is writing. She currently writes the Green Mountain Blog “The Binge Eating Diaries,” sharing with others her struggles and triumphs, while learning just as much from her readers and their comments.

jillbnlogJill Carlson

Jill found the nondiet way of life after spending many years in diet hell. After restricting and counting points, losing weight & regaining it all, she knew there was a better way. Jill describes her stay at Green Mountain as the icing on the cake to overcoming her complicated relationship with food and her physical body. Jill blogs about savoring yoga & intuitive eating. Come join her journey at www.eatingasapathtoyoga.wordpress.com

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