Healthy Weight Week 2016 Starts Monday – Get Involved!

011216_facebookThere’s something magical about the third week in January and – if you’ve been following us, you guessed it – it’s Healthy Weight Week!

About Healthy Weight Week

Healthy Weight Week was developed 23 years ago by healthy weight pioneer Francie Berg. Its aim is to help change the conversation around weight, a mission we are passionate about shifting.

That’s because focusing on weight usually leads us in the wrong direction.

We diet, exercise as a means to an end, and try all sorts of insane weight loss schemes (like those that won the Slim Chance Awards this year), all in the hope of finally achieving our “ideal” weight.

This probably isn’t news to you, but this might be: a focus on weight loss isn’t just futile, but actually damaging. Products, services, and “lifestyles” sold by the weight loss industry cause most participants to not only fail the regimen, but to gain weight.

Not to mention these schemes often cause poorer health as an outcome of stress. Physical stress in the form of repeatedly undereating, then overeating on low-nutrient foods, and mental stress from feelings of failure that can lead to anxiety and depression.

And it’s no coincidence this event takes place during the third week of January. That’s when New Year diets, cleanses, and “new you” efforts start to fall by the wayside because they’re impossible to sustain.

So What Are We Doing to Change the Conversation Around Weight?

This year, we’ve got some great activities in store! Including illuminating infographics, enlightening videos, inspirational memes, and great blog posts to introduce you to a liberating approach free of weight worries, food fears, punishing exercise, and negative thoughts about your body.

We encourage you to download our full 2016 Healthy Weight Week Calendar of Events! In the meantime, check out a few highlights:

Monday: What Do We Mean by “Healthy Weight”?

Discover the facts about why weight doesn’t dictate health and what a “healthy weight” really is.

Tuesday: Mindful Eating & How it Supports Your Healthy Weight

Join us for ‘Rid the World of Fad Diets and Gimmicks Day’ and explore healthy eating in a way you may have never experienced before – an eating experience that calls for PLEASURE above all else.

Wednesday: The Transformative Difference of Enjoyable Movement

Uncover the difference of exercising as a means to an end vs. exercising in a way that truly supports your body, mind & spirit, and makes you feel well. Exercise ought to feel good, not hurt!

Thursday: The Power of Effective Stress Management for Emotional Eating

Learn the important connection between stress, emotional eating, and how to end the cycle with the practice of mindfulness.

Friday: Cultivating the Practice of True Self-Care

Let’s bring the components of self-care together and end the week strong on National Women’s Healthy Weight Day!

But we can’t do it alone.

We call on you to join us next week to aid in the fight to change the conversation around weight and health for a real look at how you can put the fundamental elements of healthy living in place in your life for the long term.

Get involved on our blog, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and wherever else your heart takes you – just remember to tag us and use the hashtag #HealthyWeightWeek!

2 responses to “Healthy Weight Week 2016 Starts Monday – Get Involved!”

  1. WOO… Great info,basic formula is hard rock ,eat less love more but this is getting the mind in the right place being in control without being obssesed and becoming miserable.Love this steps!!

  2. Great piece of information…
    Especially for the individuals like me who have to work from 8-9 hrs of the day. Control is very essential in order to become healthy.

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