Fitness Friday: Foam Rollers for Beginners

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Foam Rollers Massage, Loosen Tight Muscles

You don’t have to be a marathon runner or even a frequent exerciser to have tight knots and sore quads, hamstrings, calves, IT bands, or even backs. Starting a new exercise routine can do it, and being inactive can actually be a culprit.

One of our favorite fitness bloggers, MizFitOnline, who has maintained a 35-pound weight loss for 19 years, says:

Since we don’t use our bodies well (see: chairs, cars, computers for some examples), our muscles become imbalanced – some are overused, some are underused, others are trying to compensate for those that are underused and lazy.

Foam Rollers Help You Get A Deeper Massage

foam-rollerWhether your fitness motivation needs a jumpstart or you’re already quite active, if you think your muscles might be “unbalanced,” one way to give yourself a deeper at-home massage – and maybe save some $$ – is with a foam roller. MizFit calls her foam roller her personal massage agent. You can work out tight knots with a foam roller, as well as use it for balance and strengthening exercises.

But for the purposes of today’s Fitness Friday video, our fitness intern Melissa demonstrates how to self-massage using a foam roller.

Where Can I Buy A Foam Roller?

A quick online search showed that you can get a foam roller at popular online retailers, such as Amazon and Target.

Video: Self-Massage Using A Foam Roller

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Let us know if you have tried foam rolling and if it has helped you!

7 Responses (Add Yours)

  • Marianka says:

    Great exercises! Thank You for sharing:)

  • Lauren says:

    Awesome, I couldn’t live without my foam roller. Couple that with a bit of tennis ball trigger point work and my recovery sessions are done. I hope a ton of people see this, such an underrated tool.

  • gary says:

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    The ProUnit is a 5 in 1 product…
    1) Foam Roller
    2) Ab Roller
    3) Rotating PushUp handles
    4) Ab Wheel
    5) Stretch Strap
    The other great advantage of the ProUnit is that since the tube is hollow you can put extra fitness products in the tube like fitness bands, jump rope, agility ladder, suspension straps…pretty much you can be creative even a mat wraps around outside for a place to work out on. The ProUnit Performance Trainer is the fitness tool of 2013.
    We are planning to launch feb 1st so hopefully we can share the ProUnit with you then. Until that time please like our ProUnit Performance Trainer Page here on Facebook. We would love to share content as we grow.


  • George says:

    Great video Lisa :)

    I see you’re using a white foam roller – blue and black rollers are more dense and provide a more effective massage.

    (See here for how rollers are color coded!)

  • Foam rollers are excellent! I have one that I use mainly to loosen my hamstrings.

  • Kunal Kumar says:

    It is an excellent workout for body and foam rollers massage.. Thanks to you for sharing this article with us.

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