Veggie Mac and Cheese Recipe


This recipe is a great healthy twist on an old comfort classic. The roasted pepitas added on top give the dish the perfect crunch. It’s wonderful recipe to enjoy as we make it through the cold days of winter.


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  1. Lis Drage says:

    How many servings does that make and what is the nutritional info on a serving, just out of curiosity. I’ve been meaning to make this…I’ve been home from GM a YEAR. Time to get to it lol.

  2. Robyn Priebe says:

    Hi Lis, this recipe will produce about 4 cups of mac and cheese once prepared. If you are using it as your starch for the meal, 1 starch serving would be 1/2 of a cup. If you are using this as a starch and a protein source you may end up eating a bigger portion.

    Regarding the nutrition info, we intentionally refrain from posting the nutrition analysis with our recipes because we prefer that people focus more on how certain portions, combinations, and types of food make them feel, rather than getting caught up in the numbers of grams and calories. However this recipe is going to be predominately carbohydrate with a little protein and fat. I would add vegetables on the side and perhaps a little more protein for a balanced meal. We usually serve an additional protein with this, such as a bean salad and a green salad to round it out.

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