Thai Fish Cake Recipe


While most agree that fish is a healthy food to be eating often, there is still a lot of confusion and concern about the safety of fish.

Whether it is concerns about mercury, PCBs, dioxin, radioactive leaks in Japan, over-fishing, or questionable fishing practices, picking seafood can make your head spin.

My personal strategy is to periodically research information on picking safe fish, but also to vary the type of fish I eat.  Picking one type of fish and eating it over and over again could be risky if you were to pick one that is high in contaminants.

One thing I like about this Thai Fish Cake recipe is that you can use a wide variety of fish to make this.  This recipes works well with white fish the best, so trying a tilapia, haddock, pollock, scrod, or even barramundi could be a way to make the same recipe with a wide variety of fish.


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