Investing in Yourself: Creating SelfWealth


4668392494_330dab86af_z-300x199It is so easy to put yourself at the bottom of your to do list. How can we move ourselves up on the list of things we need to get done with so few hours in the day?

This investment into SelfWealth really seems to make sense logically, but many of us ignore, ignore, ignore our own needs and end up with an account that  registers zero or in the red.

So how can we start to accumulate SelfWealth? Taking the time to:

  • Do your exercises
  • Prepare nutritious food
  • Spend enjoyable time with family and friends
  • Engage in fulfilling or fun activities – indoors or out
  • Taking time to create or maintain your living environment — home & yard
  • Doing whatever it is you do so that you feel pride in your accomplishment

What else does SelfWealth mean?

It means conserving your time by saying no to things you don’t want to do.

Putting a recharger for your body, mind or spirit at the TOP of your to-do list.

Practicing ways to say no that keep relationships intact, like “let me check my schedule and I will get back to you”

Making choices and decisions based on actively thinking it through rather than just “going along to get along.”

In surveying a few people, here are some ideas about ways to invest in themselves:

  • I want my underwear to be nice and to match my camisole, not because of perhaps being in an accident and not wearing my nice underwear, but because I want it that way.
  • I buy organic food even though I know it will make my grocery bill bigger.  I value my health and am mindful of what I am putting into my body.
  • I spend five or ten minutes every night before I go to bed to put my house in order so that when I get up the next morning I’m pretty much starting with a clean slate.
  • With intention of relaxing, I make a cup of tea and put my feet up for 10 minutes before I plunge into the kitchen to make dinner…not always, but more than sometimes.
  • Things are as I want them to be “behind closed doors.” I want to open my closet, bureau, or my cupboard and have it organized both in an eye-appealing and functional way. That’s just for me. And, I know it’s not for everyone. I know I’m a bit compulsive about such things.
  • I rarely spend more than five minutes “getting ready for company.” I keep my house the way I do to please myself. Really, no one pays as much attention to the details as I do. I kind of like that about myself. I mean, considering what I want and am comfortable with is every bit as important as “company.”

How do you invest in yourself and add to your equity of SelfWealth?

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