Green Leafy Vegetables – 5 Ways To Eat Them More Often

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Increasing green leafy vegetables in your diet | Using vegetables in different waysMany of us may be trying (or at least considering) eating more vegetables.  There’s one group of vegetables that gets a lot of attention for being loaded with nutrients that support our health, especially detoxification….green leafy vegetables.  I recall going to nutrition lecture as a teen and being shocked by the presenter’s recommendation to eat one pound of greens every day.  I promptly went back to my kitchen and weighed some greens to see what that would look like in volume.

Since my teen years were long ago, I couldn’t remember what that pound of greens looked like, so I measured more today, hence the photo in this post.  There is NO WAY I could eat that many greens in a day, but there are plenty of ways to increase your green leafy vegetable intake without sitting down to a monster bowl of salad.  Here are a few tips for eating more green leafy vegetables:

  •  green smoothies –  fresh kale, spinach, chard, beet greens, leaf lettuce and turnip greens work well in fruit smoothies
  • pasta dishes – add greens at tail end of cooking pasta, strain and top with your favorite sauce
  • mashed potatoes – julienne raw kale, chard, or beet greens and stir into hot mashed potatoes
  • tomato sauce – add frozen cut greens to tomato sauce before warming
  • kale chips – curly leafy and dinosaur kale work best for these.  Here is a link to our kale chips recipe

What ways to you include green leafy vegetables in your meals and snacks?

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