Are You Living the Life You Want?

GrMount_ManifestoBombardment. Social Media. Brainwash. Photoshop. Shame. Self Doubt. This is the world that women are born into, struggle to survive in and die with.  And the secret that many of us hold close to our hearts, try  not to say out loud and hope that no one else sees it is “I am not enough.”

I am not thin enough.

I am not pretty enough.

I should be different.

I will never measure up.

These thoughts and feelings burble around in our hearts and souls and are reinforced by the deep neural pathways that we and our culture have grooved in our brains. “I am not enough!”

This prompted us to write our Green Mountain at Fox Run Womanifesto:

  • To help us remember that we only have one precious life.
  • That living the life you want begins with small steps today.
  • That noticing what works in your day-to day-world can take away some of the focus from “I am not enough.”

I dare to believe I am enough…

Even if you don’t believe, it is something to say to yourself when deep self-doubt or self-loathing begins.  Yes, it is a small step, but each time you counter the belief, you are starting to change your brain.

Find one or two lines from our Womanifesto that really speak to you.  This is something else you can say to yourself when the self-bullying begins.

How might you use our Womanifesto in your life?

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