Healthy Weight Loss: Lose the Dead Weight This Year


The thesaurus defines dead weight as a hindrance, burden, liability or drain. Many of us would think that’s an apt description of extra pounds – often found in our midsections — that aren’t part of our natural, healthy weight. But at Green Mountain, where the emphasis is on healthy weight loss, we have a different idea of where the dead weight really is.

For many of us, the dead weight is between our ears. It’s all those negative thoughts about our bodies, our weight, how we look, how we think others think we look. That’s the weight that’s creating a major problem for many of us when it comes to taking care of ourselves.

Because the negativity whittles away at our motivation to do what’s necessary to take care of ourselves. Who feels like taking a walk or making an effort to feed themselves well when they’re mired in feeling bad?

This year, resolve to rid yourself of negative thoughts about your body and yourself. Work on appreciating yourself while recognizing you may be able to make some improvements in various areas, whether it be leading a healthy lifestyle, staying better organized to help reduce the stress in your life, or whatever is relevant to your needs.

What You Said about Your Body Size

This spot on our January 2005 FitBriefing originally contained a survey to which about 200 of you responded.

Here are the questions and the responses you gave. It’s clear the majority of us don’t feel good about our body size. But there was a lot of variation in the responses to the rest of the questions. As we tallied these results, we thought the subject would make a great FitBriefing. So stay tuned for a discussion of what you can do to change for the good the way you feel about your body and how you treat it.

Here are your Answers to our Survey

1.Do you feel positive about your body size?
Most (89%) weren’t positive.

2. Do you feel like you gained weight over the holidays? If no, go to question 6,
Most (66%) felt like they gained weight.

3. Do you feel like you need to do something special to lose the weight you think you gained over the holidays? If no, go to question 6.
Most (77%) felt like they needed to do something special about it.

4. Did you start a diet to lose the weight you think you gained over the holidays?
Most (58%) started a diet.

5. Did you try to cut out certain foods to lose the weight you think you gained over the holidays?
Most (63%) tried to cut out certain foods.

6. Did you start eating better and exercising more in January?
Most (59%) started eating better and exercising more.

Here’s to a really happy New Year!

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