Looking for a Different Cardio Option

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Sometimes, when it comes to cardio, we may:

  • get stuck in a rut and not feel challenged
  • get bored with doing the same thing over and over
  • get bored and quit
  • focus on burning the most calories
  • forget that movement can be fun

If you are looking for a different cardio option, I would encourage you to try some Nia classes.  Very often I meet women at Green Mountain at Fox Run who, while at our VT retreat, are trying Nia for the first time.  Here are things I’ve heard people say about our Nia classes:

  • It was so fun it didn’t feel like exercise
  • It was an amazing work out that felt like play instead of work
  • It’s nice to be able to increase or decrease the intensity on your own, based on how you feel
  • It’s using dance to exercise AND free your spirit

If you love to dance, I would recommend trying a Nia class near you. 

If you’ve tried Nia, what was your response to it?

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