Weight Stigma Awareness Week: Celebrating Community


womens healthy weight loss spa and retreatBecause I’m a woman and live on planet earth, I have seen subtle and overt expressions of weight stigma my entire life. And because I’ve had my own struggle with weight, I’ve personally experienced what weight stigma can do.

There’s a primal need we all share to feel acceptance and belonging and the worst thing about being stigmatized is how ostracized and alone it can make you feel. And, if you encounter it enough, it can change everything you thought you believed.

The good news is, well, that it’s Weight Stigma Awareness Week!  And the theme today is about celebrating the community that has grown up around this issue, to put an end to it.  There are growing numbers of wonderful organizations, programs and healthcare professionals who are dedicated to changing the landscape, like-minded comrades who value and accept your undeniable strength and are willing to walk with you on your journey to health and living well.

I want to take the opportunity on the last day of this week to celebrate the community of smart, compassionate and immensely talented women that has grown up around Green Mountain at Fox Run over the last 40 years.  So many of these women have felt the deep pain of weight stigma, have shared their stories with and provided support to other women at Green Mountain and many times on this blog, and have gone home to start a mini-revolution in self-care for themselves, their families and their friends.  Putting dieting and body hate behind them in their quest for happier, healthier lives.  How privileged we have been over the last 14,600 days to be part of something so significant.

So here’s to you, the women of Green Mountain!  We celebrate your contribution to building our strong, supportive retreat where women can go to regain their resolve, their health and their hope, and to taking it home, to build a strong, supportive world that celebrates passion, purpose and life.

We embrace you.

We admire you.

We are you.

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