Fitness Friday: I Love Hiking in Vermont

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If you look hard enough, you can see me at Lye Brook Falls

Hands down, one of the best parts of being a participant at Green Mountain (definitely not a typical weight loss camp) for me was hiking in Vermont and all of the “Vermontings” (usually long walks through forests, picturesque country roads, etc) we did. These excursions helped me discover that I do like to exercise and enjoy being active, that I actually don’t hate exercise like I thought I did. I realized what I do hate is getting on a machine at a crowded gym where my only options are to stare at a TV screen or a display on the equipment. So I don’t do that anymore, because I know I won’t enjoy it or continue doing it.

When I’m hiking, it doesn’t feel like I thought exercise was supposed to feel. I look forward to it, I enjoy the process and I love how I feel afterwards. Now that I’m living in Vermont, I made a list of all the beginner hiking trails I want to do this summer. I’m okay with moderate hiking trails, too, but my achilles tendon is currently holding me back from pursuing steeper grades.

So far, my friends and I have hiked in Coolidge State Forest, Mt. Wantastiquet in Brattleboro, Mt. Tom in Woodstock, and most recently Lye Brook Falls near Manchester. When I don’t have time for a hike, I also love driving just a few miles from Green Mountain to a favorite walk of mine called North Hill Loop. I’m hoping that, in time, as I figure out what’s going on with my achilles tendon, I’ll be able to take on some of the area’s more famous hikes, such as Mt. Ascutney, the Healdville Trail and even Mt. Washington in New Hampshire.

The important thing is finding an exercise that you love. In doing so, you’re increasing your chances for leading an active lifestyle.

So, I’m looking for more recommendations on beginner hikes in Vermont. Please share your suggestions!

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  • I did part of Mt. Washington in New Hampshire, as part of my White Mountains trip many moons ago. I even stayed overnight, in those hiker huts. When an unbelievable experience! We even met some “thru-hikers” from the Appalachian Trail. I totally recommend reading Bill Bryson’s book “A Walk in the Woods.”

    Since I live in suburbia, I’ve connected with a local women’s group that goes on weekly hikes in surrounding forest preserve areas. It’s not vermonting, but it’s the best I’ve got in my present circumstances.

    It’s so great to connect with nature! XOXO

  • Victoria says:

    I also enjoyed the hiking/Vermonting while at Green Mountain! I feel it was instrumental in helping me regain a good amount of fitness that helped when I returned to playing tennis. I had a lot of hiking experience prior to coming Green Mountain, including a two week trip hiking on the Arizona Trail north of Phoenix up to Lake Roosevelt. It was a trip designed to help change body composition and I had great results! Building muscle mass while losing weight and doing what I love to do? Truly a great experience. Here’s the website for “Fitpacking”
    Steve Silberberg is an amazing guy who own the company and is the lead hiking guide. Check it out!

  • Pamela says:

    Hi Lisa–I had issues with one or both of my Achilles tendons for many years, and no doctor or physical therapist ever gave me any helpful advice. After a lot of trial and error, I’ve finally gotten rid of the pain for the most part. If it would be helpful to you, please email me back, and I’ll give you a phone number where you can reach me to talk about what I’m doing that seems to work. –Pamela

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