Cooking for One

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 IHate cooking when cooking for one | Recipe with zucchini when cooking aloneCooking for one can be a challenge, although cooking for a family is no walk in the park at times either.  The reasons I hear people cite for not wanting to cook for one are:

  • I hate cooking.
  • I can’t find recipes that are small.
  • I’m not motivated to make something just for me.
  • I get sick of the things I made, since I end up eating the same thing for days in a row.

Do any of these reasons sound familiar?  If so, here are a few tips to inspire you to cook for yourself, because gosh darn it you’re worth it!

For the cooking-haters:

  • Those who claim to hate cooking, might just be intimidated by it.  Consider your current cooking skills and select recipes that jive with that.  Don’t take on complicated recipes or plans to cook all your meals from scratch, but instead pick 1 or 2 recipes to try per week.
  • If intimidation isn’t the reason you dislike cooking, then consider what part you do hate, and let someone else do it.  Ex. I dislike handling raw chicken.  I could buy pre-cooked chicken breast for casseroles, soups, chicken salads, etc…

For those who wind up with too much food & end up eating the same thing over and over and over:

  • Write in your cookbooks – they’re your cookbooks for crying out loud, make notes.  Scale recipes down to smaller amounts or make a notation to take 1/2 to 3/4 of the recipe and freeze in single servings.  You’ll be happy to see that in your freezer a month later when you aren’t sick of eating it and you are pressed for time and in need of a meal.
  • Consider software to keep your favorite recipes handy and to also scale recipes up and down as needed.

For those lacking motivation:

  • Cook with friends – not only does this inspire you, it also helps you acquire new cooking skills and sharing what you cook can prevent you from having 12 servings of the same thing in your fridge.
  • Try weekly or monthly challenges – intentionally selecting a recipe you’ve never tried on a consistent basis can keep things interesting and also help expand your repertoire.

Do you cook for one?  What tips do you have for making it easier and more fun?

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