Emotional Eating in Four Parts

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Emotional eating is  complex and ever changing.   The next 4 blogs will help you explore emotional eating in your life.

At Green Mountain , a women’s weight loss spa, women talk about emotional eating as something in their lives that they can’t control.  In fact their eating overtakes them; they feel hopeless and discouraged. Wishing and wishing it wasn’t happening.

Starting to observe your eating and gathering information about your emotions can help you begin to move from the back passengers seat to the drivers seat.  By moving to the front seat, even if you aren’t on the drivers side, you can start learning more about how emotional eating works in your life.

This 4 part  series  will focus on one topic each week:

  • Gathering Information  (this week)
  • The Archaeological Dig
  • Habit Habit
  • Befriending Your Emotional Eating

Today we will focus on gathering information. Gathering information is about using a  curious mind instead of a judging.  Here are a few examples of questions that might help you in the gathering information phase.

  • What do you know about your eating?
  • When do you prefer to eat?
  • What time(s) do you emotionally eat?
  • Where do you eat, in your house or outside of it?
  • What are you using the food for?
  • Are you using food primarily for self soothing, numbing, something to do or ????

The process of gathering information is a practice of observing, as if you are looking through a camera at what is happening.  You are just looking for  facts and noticing what you can learn about your emotional eating without judgement.

What have you discovered as you gather information about your emotional eating?



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