Binge Eating:The Conference

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This weekend we were privileged to take part in the Binge Eating Disorder Association’s 2012 National Conference Revolution Ahead: Illuminating the Path to Freedom from BED, Emotional Overeating, & Weight Stigma. This is the third annual conference exploring the issues surrounding treatment of binge eating.

This conference offered the hope of springtime for many who are suffering in the darkness of winter with Binge Eating Disorder.

Thought leaders, clinicians, dietitians, individuals and their families all gathered to exchange ideas, support each other and enjoy springtime in Philadelphia.  I even saw a pink flowering tree and some hula hooping in the lobby yesterday.

Because BED is the most common eating disorder, affecting more people than anorexia and bulimia combined, and because it has gone virtually unrecognized for many years, the conference planners envisioned  three different tracks. One track for treatment professionals, one for individuals and families, and one of general interest which meant that there were many more options available to attend that humanly possible, all with inspiring information and tools.

Marsha and I presented “But I Want to Lose Weight! How Changing Our Perspective Can Help Us Achieve Our Goals” and we were rewarded with rousing discussions about how to focus on healthy behaviors rather than weight loss alone.  Also, we got the word out on the unique place Green Mountain at Fox Run holds in the world of helping women with disordered eating.

My take away’s from the conference:

  • It is about connection: within ourselves and to each other
  • Connection tools include: mindfulness, intrinsic movement, art, journaling, and tasting our food and healthy self talk
  • Support is so important to break the isolation and desperation
  • BEDA is a great place to start looking for connection and support

Do you have any hint of springtime in your world and can you offer yourself or someone else a little hope through connection or support?

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  • Charlize says:

    I have a hint of springtime in my life, so I thought I might contribute here, at least practically if not directly. I’ve noticed that the binge eating cycle is closely related to guilt and depression – and maybe its the outlying trigger for these compulsive trips to the fridge, at least in my case. I think the trick is to focus on attacking the emotional environment, and not even worrying about what’s sitting in the fridge. I’ve seen some interesting evidence on the web supporting this (here’s a reference, if I may:

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