National Eating Disorder Awareness Next Week & Sunshine

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It is a beautiful sunny day as I start writing my blog and I am feeling gratitude for how the sparkly light energizes me. I realize that sunshine offers the threads of hope and possibility after the gloom of gray days.

Next week is National Eating Disorder Awareness Week (NEDAW). We at Green Mountain want to acknowledge the suffering, isolation and pain that eating disorders cause for individuals coping with anorexia, bulemia,  and binge eating disorder and for their families.  NEDA is working hard to get the word out about the causes, treatment and to offer hope.

In Dr. Deah Schwartz’ blog Tasty Morsels which is directed to those struggling with ED and the professionals working with them, she says: “But WE are not the intended audience for NEDAW.  The purpose of declaring a week for awareness is to increase the awareness of those who may not be as intimate with the details, repercussions, and scope of this extremely debilitating disorder and to hopefully raise money along with awareness for treatment and proactive interventions.

The theme this year is Everybody Knows Somebody which tacitly implies that we may not know that we know somebody, so let’s learn more about E.D. so we can recognize that somebody in our lives and help them.”

Here at Green Mountain we work with women with binge eating disorder, emotional eating, mindless eating, or “out of control” disordered eating.  We also appreciate the work that BEDA (Binge Eating Disorder Association) does to reach out regarding this often unnoticed disorder.

In our Binge Beliefs class last week, two women said how wonderful it was to know that they were not alone in the way they used food to cope…sneaking, hiding food, feeling self loathing and embarrassment. I believe that it is not the food part of the binge that is so hurtful, but what we say to ourselves after the binge.

Is there a way that you can reach out to  or connect with someone this week or next week for NEDAW?


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  • I will do my part….

    and this line grabbed hold….

    I believe that it is not the food part of the binge that is so hurtful, but what we say to ourselves after the binge.

    THAT is truly the issue that underlies the BED (and I suppose the other food & weight disorders) what we say to ourselves AND
    what we say around our children or to our children that they in turn hold on to….they have to learn it somewhere…

  • Jill says:

    Inspiring kind of blog..Thanks for sharing this to us..

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