The Big Fat Money Bomb — Donate Today

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If you’re against weight bullying and a believer that health, not weight, is the true important measure, you’ll be interested in this effort spearheaded by Ragen Chastain of Dances with Fat.

To quote Ragen, “For the last 9 months, every single day, children in Atlanta have seen billboards, commercials, and signs at bus stops like [the ones pictured here].  If you are thinking “it’s not that big a deal” I want to tell you that, as a former bullied fat kid, I think it is a very big deal.  The messages couldn’t be clearer.  If you’re fat – you should be ashamed.  If you’re not fat – you should be terrified of becoming fat because fat people are diseased gluttons by choice and it’s ok to publicly shame them.”

She’s put together a campaign to raise money to sponsor billboards and print media campaigns that present the Health at Every Size® perspective, to “show kids of all sizes that they are valued and respected.”

The goal is to raise $10,000 TODAY and they’re already well on their way.  There’s a matching grant of $5000 available if they have 1,000 people sign on to the effort.  So if you can donate only $1, you’ll be helping in a big way to achieve that.

Go to TODAY!  And thanks for helping support health and happiness for all kids.


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