Weight Loss –The “Should”


There is something about the New Year that invites the word “should” into our hearts and minds.  “I should have de-cluttered my house last year” or “I should be thinking about weight loss as 2012 begins” or I should taking better care of myself”.

I was reading  Stepping Out of the Should Trap by Jo Holstein of Daily Good and I really liked many of her ideas. She suggests:

Inspirational idioms such as “March to the beat of your own drum” or “Forge your own path” were so alluring and seemingly simple, but I really struggled. Breaking free of the “should” trap included five big steps for me:

1. understanding the trap
2. choosing to change
3. recognizing the “should” in my thoughts and emotions
4. releasing the “should”
5. looking inward to find my authentic self

I would contend that the more we “should” ourselves, the more rebellious we are likely to become.  If I say to myself “I should go on a diet,” I immediately find myself driving to the store and buying 3 candy bars.

So instead of “shoulding” ourselves, how about operating from a place of desire, or want, or possibility?  The more we take the pressure off and let go of the “should” word, the more we can come from place of exploration and experimentation.

How can you decrease the “shoulds” in your mind?


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  1. Jaime says:

    I never heard this way of looking inward using the “should trap”. I will have to try it. Hey you never know I could lose a few pounds with this.

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