Binge Eating: Can Yoga Help?

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When binge eating grabs a hold of you whether it is during the holidays or not, feelings of helplessness and self loathing can take over.  What can you do to not stay trapped in the pit of despair?

In an  Australian study conducted by McIver, McGarland and O’Halloran, a 12-week yoga treatment program for binge eating was tested.

Women’s comments suggested that the program appeared to encourage a healthy reconnection to food, as well as the development of physical self-empowerment, through cultivating present-moment awareness. Specifically, women perceive:

  • an overall reduction in the quantity of food they consumed
  • decreased eating speed
  • feeling more connected to and positive about their physical well-being

The title of this study is Overeating is not about the food: women describe their experience of a yoga treatment program of binge eating and the process of yoga helps women reconnect with their bodies.

But even if it isn’t yoga, consider doing the simple Green Mountain stretch as seen on you tube.  At our non diet weight loss retreat we know that connecting with the body is a tool for learning mindfulness with eating, moving and stress management.

Is there a way that you could add a stretch to your day, even while you are sitting at your desk or unloading the groceries?

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