Support HAES with Your Holiday Shopping

When you shop from links on, a small percentage of the sale will go to Lifestyle Watchers(R), a new non-profit organization dedicated to providing an alternative to weight watching and yo-yo dieting.

Lifestyle Watchers is the brainchild of psychotherapist Kelly Bliss, who developed the Plus Size Yellow Pages back in 2000.  She’s spent a ton of time this year getting Lifestyle Watchers ready to launch but now needs everyone’s help to get it off the ground.

You can do it without spending an extra penny.  Just click on the links on You’ll be directed to the site you were going to anyway.  Sites like Amazon, Overstock, PayPal and Frederick’s of Hollywood (go, Kelly!).  Lifestyle Watchers will just get a small percentage of the money you spend.

Remember, it’s a non-profit and dedicated to Health at Every Size(SM)!

One response to “Support HAES with Your Holiday Shopping”

  1. Rene says:

    Hi Marsha, I think what Kelly is doing is awesome. I agree that YoYo dieting is for the birds! I will take a look at the site and be sure to make purchases on the plus size yellow pages.

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