We Found a Scale We Highly Recommend! How Would You Use It?

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There have been a few scales over the years that we think are a good idea for people who have a romance (spelled obsession) with the thing.  One has always been the Yay! scale that Marilyn Wann developed many years ago.  I remember at an ASDAH meeting where she debuted it, she had us all “weighing” ourselves on it.  I weighed “Fine.”  It took me a while to begin to interpret that according to the definition “of superior quality.”  But I digress.

Last night through one of the listservs I belong to, I learned of the Perfect Scale Orange Daisy (buy it here).  And thought what a perfect gift for many of us.  I can see it now in my guest bathroom.

I’m posting on the Me First blog next week about Making Your List & Checking It Twice.  The piece doesn’t get into gift ideas at all, but I’m thinking how I could revise it to include this.  You can help me figure that out by answering this question:

How would you use this scale? 



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