Fat Talk Free Week

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Wake Up to Fat Talk

Fat Talk is a conversational trap of habituated and mindless speaking. We not only use  it on others, but it is also how we talk to ourselves.  Frequently it’s used as a starter or how we greet old friends… “Wow, it looks like you have lost weight” or “Gosh, I have really put on a few pounds”.

This is Fat Talk Free Week, sponsored by Delta Delta Delta sorority; it’s an effort that’s been going on for several years now and is gaining foothold as more of us wake up to what fat talk is doing to our self esteem and hence our lives.

We at Green Mountain at Fox Run invite you to take The Pledge to challenge yourself and others to bring Fat Talk into your awareness and start making changes in the language you use.  You’ll have to sign up to take the pledge but you’ll enter a site filled with ideas and support to help you end fat talk in your life.

Awareness of our internal dialogue can dovetail with Fat Talk Free Week as we actively work on being in charge of our thinking and speaking.

  • Notice your own fat talk
  • Start to befriend your body
  • Move from body negative to body neutral self talk

The site also provides alternatives to fat talk and suggests you can challenge yourself and your friends or family to 100% fat talk free discussions about work, the world, favorite television shows, etc. Avoid talking about food in terms of fat intake, calories consumed or the need to work out afterwards.

Use this Fat Talk Free Week to help create cultural shift, add kindness and consciousness to your conversations with others and to being compassionate with yourself.

What one thing can you do today to help raise awareness and stop fat talk?


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