Binge Eating and Emotional Health

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Binge eating affects mental and emotional health by inviting  feelings of self loathing and hopelessness and depression.   The percentage of people who binge eat is greater than individuals suffering from anorexia and bulimia combined. It helps to unshackle binge eating  from weight loss to create behavior change.

Bingeing is a natural response to restriction; however,  the underlying reasons for binge eating are as complex as other emotional and mental health issues.  As with other mental health concerns, isolation can be one of the most difficult to overcome.

At Green Mountain at Fox Run we are working to help women look at their eating patterns and refocus their attention on understanding and befriending their bingeing and moving toward self compassion and away from the painful messages which become habituated.

I liken the task of getting to know your eating to unraveling a Celtic knot.  With binge eating it feels like there is no beginning and no end. Feelings of hopelessness, often covering deep shame  and self loathing are at the core of the behavior.

Getting support,  so that you are not alone  and starting to understand  your own hurt requires patience and compassion. Sometimes an internal support system is the first place to start by:

  • Increasing positive self talk with affirmations
  • Challenging the negative self talk with thought stopping
  • Thinking about how you would feed a 9-year-0ld child who was living with you

The emotional challenges and burdens of binge eating can feel overwhelming and difficult to decipher.  Know that you don’t have to figure it out all alone.

What is one way you can reach beyond your personal isolation?

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