Fighting Weight Stigma with Body Positivity

Today marks the first day of National Weight Stigma Awareness Week, an effort sponsored by the Binge Eating Disorder Association to build awareness of what weight stigma is, the harmful effects it can have on people of all ages in all environments, and what can be done to stop it.  The theme of this inaugural week is “Healing Myself First.”

At Green Mountain, we’ve long focused on helping women battle the effects of weight stigma with a program that is focused on helping women feel good now, regardless of body size or shape.

Most of us who have struggled with eating, weight and self esteem have taken the societal view of weight to heart, and it colors what we think about ourselves and consequently how we take care of ourselves.  It also colors how we think about others, and how we perpetuate weight stigma even as we are victimized by it.

So to support the mission of National Weight Stigma Awareness Week, this week we’ll post each day a short video on how you can stop self-judgment and start practicing body positivity.

Today, Darla Breckenridge, our psychologist, discusses the external pressure to be thin that we internalize and let influence how we feel about ourselves.  It’s important we notice the critical self-talk and observe how hurtful it is.  From here, we can start to make changes in the tapes that play in our heads.

Stay tuned every day this week for a new tip from Darla, and please pass along to other women you think may benefit from our body positivity messages.

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