It Happened This Week: Superstars, the Cockroach Effect, & We’re Back!

It's getting to be that time of year!

We’re back on WordPress and life is good.  Well, sorta.  We’ve got a lot of cleaning up to do of “stuff” that occurred during the transfer, but we’re definitely headed in the right direction.

Speaking of headed in the right direction, here are some great things we’ve seen come across the web this week that we think definitely do that.

Ashley Solomon of the great blog Nourishing the Soul tells us of five women she’s loving today — and their blogs, too.  We love Ashley and her blog, too!

Margarita Tartakovsky of the fabulous blog Weightless gives us a list of 30 habits and beliefs that hurt your body image.  ‘Nuf said about that one.

Jon Robison tells us about the cockroach effect on the amazing healthateverysizeblog from the Association for Size Diversity and Health.  It’s an eye-opener for those of us who get confused about all the statistics about weight and health.

Finally, Deanna Minich of Food and Spirit posted yesterday on Facebook this quote.  I think it’s a wonderful one to ponder over the weekend…and beyond.

What if we saw stress as a lack of joy rather than be on a pursuit of “managing” all the variables in our lives?  Instead of feeling like our lives needed more control, what if we moved into a state of creative chaos and pleasure?

Have a pleasurable weekend!

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