Flooded with Feelings

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flooding with emotionsWith the massive flooding which occurred in Vermont, I have been listening to the myriad of feelings about the damage from “I feel so lucky” to “It has been so devastating.”

Emotional Eating: Coping With Food

The muddy waters and pouring rains of Irene have inundated our state, but Green Mountain at Fox Run up on the hill was unscathed. What has happened in Vermont is similar to the experience of noticing what drives emotional eating.

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Many woman tell me that they have been using food to cope for years and the mere suggestion of exploring the underneath feelings leads to fears of being flooded which can lead to emotional eating.

Unstructured Journaling: Explore Your Undercurrent Of Feelings

Unlike our experience with Irene where there was no way to hold back the tide of the flood, getting to know the underneath feelings can be  approached at your own pace and time.

A mindful tool which can help get started with feelings so as not to feel flooded is structured or unstructured journaling.

4 Journaling Prompts To Get You Started

1 One guess I have about the knot in my stomach is …

2 If I could see inside my heart one thing I might see is …

3 Sometimes just before I go to sleep I …

4 If I was talking to someone about the flatness I feel I would say…

Take Small Steps To Prevent Your Feelings From Flooding You

Small steps, instead of letting the feelings flood you, is a way to start getting to know how and why you might use food to cope.

For example, remember that in little kid language the 4 feelings are Mad, Sad, Glad, Scared. Any guesses about which feeling might be closer to the surface for you?

Try journaling and let us know about your experience.

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