We’re Doing Great After Irene

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We’ve had so many calls and messages this week from alums and future participants alike, worried about how we’re doing after the damage of Hurricane Irene.  We’re happy to report that Green Mountain came through the storm pretty much unscathed.  The road at the bottom of our hill was washed out, but it was repaired by Monday afternoon, courtesy of the golf course with whom we share the road and who has plenty of heavy equipment as they’re also the owners of the ski mountain we sit across the road from.

It’s amazing, too, how quickly repairs are being made throughout Vermont.  The roads in and out of Ludlow were open by Tuesday, and there are only a few areas that we know of that are still landlocked by broken roadways.  Work is proceeding swiftly in those areas, too, as everyone is concerned about the people there.  As I mentioned on my Facebook page when I wrote Wednesday night of my amazement that a road crew was already working on our completely washed out road at my home, it’s times like these when we see the best come out in people.

We thought you would like to see a few of the pictures that Robyn took of the damage so have included them below. That’s her, her husband Brian and dog Sugar in some of the pictures.

Thank you all for your concern, and we look forward to seeing you here in Vermont again soon.  The sun has been shining all week.  It’s a glorious time of year up here, and things are getting back to normal fast.

Have a great weekend, everyone!



This is Vermont Route 131, which is still closed.

Brian and Sugar walking into Ludlow from the south.

These are tracks near Robyn’s home south of Ludlow.  We saw the tracks after the water had receded.  They were buckling as all the ground underneath had been washed away.

The old mill near Robyn’s

Someone lost one of their buildings south of Ludlow.  Not sure who.

Another picture of VT Route 131, this time with Robyn giving you a good idea of the scale of the damage.

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