Top 10 Reasons to Buy Organic


I recently ran across an article titled “Why Should You Buy Organic Produce” that listed the top 10 reasons to do this.  It brought to mind that  we began featuring organic produce as well as locally-raised meats on our menus at Green Mountain a couple years ago.  We did this because of increasing evidence that doing so made for a healthier body.  That feeds (pun intended) right into our mission at Green Mountain: Providing an optimal learning and living experience for the women who come to us for help in achieving and maintaining healthy weights.

We do that by focusing on health, not weight.  Because healthy weights are a natural outcome of health, and a focus on weight takes many people in the wrong direction.  The recent article The End of Dieting in Prevention magazine gives you a good idea of why a focus on health is so effective.

All this is a lead-in to the fact that we’ve found our Healing with Foods program, which addresses underlying issues with health and was the impetus for us moving to organic produce and local meats, so important to help get many of the women who come to us to the point where they have the energy and feels good enough to live a healthy lifestyle.

I’m not going to list the top 10 reasons for buying organic produce that the article mentioned.  I’ll let you read it, if you’re interested.  But what I do want to say is that just about everyone agrees that eating non-organic produce is preferable to eating no produce at all.  Fruits and veggies are critical parts of eating well, even when they are grown conventionally.

Summer is one of the best times to become friends with fruits and veggies, if you haven’t had a close relationship in the past.   Farmers’ markets are probably our best option for prime choices.  The good news is that farmers’ markets are popping up everywhere these days, even inner cities.

What are some of your favorite fruits and veggies?

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  1. Alisha Ria says:

    So true. I want to start buying organic but it’s sooo expensive! Non-organic will have to do for now, *sigh*

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