Self-Esteem: Isn’t that what it’s all about?


The sunshine warms my whole body as I canoe down the river in the quiet. “This is the feeling I am going for.  When I am stressed this is the feeling I don’t have.” …hmmm, but what is this feeling? It is a much better feeling  than self-doubt or focusing on weight lossPerhaps the feeling is-

  • Relaxing into myself
  • A state of well-being
  • Peace in the moment

Ah ha! Self-Esteem

Self -esteem is the state of knowing that we are ok for who we are, not for what we do.  It is the magic wand that leads us to self acceptance and gives us permission to be in the mindful moment and count our own needs.

This is the gift we want to give  our children.

Check out this great resource to encourage self esteem and healthy weight from Toronto Public Health entitled,Your Kids are Listening.

“Your Kids are Listening” is an early child development program to remind parents that what they do and say has an impact on their child’s own healthy eating, physical activity and self esteem.

This link is packed  with simple suggestions to boost self esteem, encourage healthy eating and activity and they are fun.  I believe through teaching and modeling we can learn what we need to do for ourselves.

So whether you use these activities with your grandchildren, your children or your child within, find a way to incorporate one of these simple, 5 minute techniques in your day.

Which activity would you like to magic wand into you or your child’s life?

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