Increasing Your Vegetable Intake

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Is it wrong to hide vegetables?  Not in my book.  Some people think that if you are sneaking veggies into other foods in order to get your kids, your spouse, or yourself to eat more vegetables that you’re really not learning to broaden your palate.  I however feel that if any food group needs a little help, it’s vegetables and if it came down to eating veggies hidden in a casserole versus not eating them at all, I vote for the covert operation.

Most people don’t eat enough vegetables, so I’m all for increasing our intake in just about any creative way we can do so.  Here are a few tips I use:’

  • Add frozen vegetables to pre-made soups while you warm them up.
  • Make vegetable based sauces to use on pasta or proteins.  Here are a few I like: carrot sauces, tomato sauces, roasted bell pepper
  • Add grated vegetables like carrots or zucchini to baked goods such as muffins, pancakes, waffles, cookies or quick breads
  • Add finely chopped or grated vegetables to casseroles, chilis, stews, wraps/sandwiches, lasagna, etc…
  •  Add pureed pumpkin to baked goods or smoothies
  • Try adding leafy greens to fruit based smoothies.  To mask the taste a little add fresh ginger and lemon.
  • Mix plain steamed vegetables into an order of Chinese food, extending the sauce, rice and protein to make 2 or 3 balanced meals out of one.

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