Balance: The Plate Model for Food and Soul

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Balance is the opposite of busyness. Busyness increases stress, interrupts self-care and distracts us from adding balance to our lives.

In today’s post we’ll check out the plate model for the body and the healthy platter model for the mind and see how both  can show us a way to calibrate without counting calories or tracking every moment.

Here at Green Mountain we have used the plate model for over 30 years to guide women with healthy eating without dieting.  Recently the US government has changed the food pyramid to the plate model encouraging us to eat many more fruits and vegetables and to be more aware of portion size.

Dr. Dan Siegel and Dr. David Rock have used this concept as a springboard to create the Healthy Mind Platter which cleverly diagrams how to add balance into our lives.  Below are their seven essential daily mental activities.

  • Focus Time
  • Play Time
  • Connecting Time
  • Physical Time
  • Time In
  • Down Time

Inclusion of each of the items on this platter can add balance to our lives. For many busy women adding play may feel like the biggest stretch, but the one that can make a remarkable difference in the quality of our lives.  Perhaps the fireworks on the 4th of July can engage our playful selves.

By experimenting with what is fun you can start reconnecting your head and to your body. Just like feeding yourself 3 meals a day at predictable times helps you to reconnect with your hunger/satiety cues, fun connects you to your spirit and helps you to balance your day.

What mind platter delicacy do you want to add your life this week?

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  • I agree with you. We don’t need to go on a full on fasting to lose weight, just a little discipline and well-balanced meals. A balanced lifestyle will help us maintain our weight, and live a healthy life.

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