Discouraged About Your Weight: Increase Self Care

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Once you get discouraged about reaching your healthy weight, you increase negative self talk about your body, feel out of control around your eating and start shutting down. In last week’s blog we talked about how to increase self-care.

Here is a fun, effective technique for the 911 situations which may lead to shut down make unhealthy  choices and keep you in the self-sabotage mode

This technique is for relapse prevention.

The Emergency Self Care Kit(TM)  is a powerful tool and self-care prompt.

You will need:

  1. A box to decorate with sparkles and glitter when inertia or the body blues occur
  2. Self care  goodies to put in the box that will help you to remember to take care of yourself instead of staying stuck in the rut

Here are some ideas for self care goodies:

  • A certificate for a massage from your favorite masseuse
  • A can of chicken noodle soup
  • A hot water bottle or heating pad
  • A list of affirmations
  • A menu for a healthy meal that is simple to get together
  • A photograph of a relaxing place you have been
  • An article or book that has inspired you in the past
  • A DVD of your favorite feel-good movie

You get the idea — include in the box something that will soothe your body, inspire your mind, fill your heart with gratitude, and calm your negative self talk.

Can you think of an Emergency Self Care goodie that I haven’t included?


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