It Happened This Week: No Diet Day, Cruelty & Forgiveness, & To Mama with Love


Today is International No Diet Day, a day to celebrate the diversity and beauty of all our sizes and shapes.  Pick out your top best reason for giving up diets here.  If you can choose just one.

Follow that up with a peek at Who Told You You Were Less Than? Well, it will take more time than a peek to read it, but it’s worth every minute.  Proof: This sentence in the last paragraph — “You know that voice that sometimes whispers you were created for better than this?”

If you’re on the hunt for personalized nutrition advice, check out what to look for when you’re looking for a nutritionist.  Be sure to read all three parts to get to the good stuff.

Thanks to Weighty Matters for alerting us to this important series on nutritionist credentials. If you’re looking for a laugh, head on over there and check out today’s Funny Friday: When we were kittens, we used to play outside.

Sunday is Mother’s Day.  Show a a mama you love her. Change the world by participating in this collaborative online art project that honors moms across the globe and raises funds to invest in remarkable women who create hope in our world: to Mama with Love

Have a great weekend!

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