Singing at the top of your lungs

The songbirds woke me up this morning.  Oh, what a sweet sound.

Having a funky day? Feeling blue, down and depressed? Singing can change your emotional state.  For some people it is easier to break into song than it is to create positive self talk.   Even if you don’t like your voice or are tone deaf, let the music fly.

This is a stress management technique you have with you at all times. When weight loss gets you down or when the thought of going to try on bathing suits sends you into a tailspin, you can hum, whistle or sing sotto voce.

Singing allows your brain to release endorphins.  This also happens when you exercise.  With both of these activities you are deep breathing which gives you extra oxygen to the brain, helps you think more clearly and reduces stress.  The extra oxygen helps you to think more clearly, move out of negative self talk.  Really, you can’t sing without the deep breathing.

So it is the endorphins that give you the mood shift, the deep breathing that gives you the relaxation, and the new neural pathways by learning the words to the songs.  But first and foremost it gives you FUN; especially if you sing with other people.

Just by engaging those vocal cords and interrupting the negative self talk that might inhibit you from singing, you have the chance to make a difference in your day.

  • Crank up the radio,
  • Put a couple of new, inspiring songs on your iPod
  • Take a deep breath

Singing will make a difference in a stressful day.

What is your favorite song to sing along with?

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