Feeling Stuck or Overwhelmed?

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When you get into feeling stuck and down on yourself about your body, it is like having your feet in quicksand; the more you flail around the deeper you go.  This can lead to inertia, depression and despair.  One step towards moving out of the quicksand is looking at what has you stuck straight in the eye with this mindfulness tool. I cannot say it better, so I quote here my hero, Bill O’Hanlon, positive psychologist, from his book, Do One Thing Different, in the section (p.58) entitled:  Acknowledgment, Method 1, Acknowledge Your Own Experience, Feelings and Self.

He writes:

“Acknowledgment has great power. Merely acknowledge and accept as valid everything that goes on inside you and how you are. To acknowledge means to notice and allow whatever is there to be there.

Instead of trying to get rid of it, hide it, analyze it, or judge it, just let it be. Rather than thinking you have to do something about it, just let yourself be aware of it.

Whatever fantasies,thoughts, feelings sensations, or perceptions you have, accept them as they are.  You don’t have to like them-just accept that it is what’s happening for you at this time.”

In other words, by acknowledging the obstacles that keep you from moving forward the first step towards unstuckness. So whether it is your body or feeling overwhelmed that has trapped you in stuckness, self-acknowledgement is a way you can observe yourself without judgment. A gentle ear, an open heart and a perspective of witnessing will pave the way to self-acknowledgement.

What is one way you can take time to tune into yourself and acknowledge you?

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